What is a Predictive Dialer

A Hosted Predictive Dialer is designed with a unique algorithm that works to determine outbound call flow at different times of the day.

The system analyses the number of agents or representatives that will be on duty at a particular time of day and then analyses the volume of calls that must be made to clients, customers or prospects at any given point in the day. Whilst doing all this the Dialer will then also allocate the call to the right agent.

With this information in hand, the Predictive Dialer sets a pace for outbound calls to ensure optimal results at a particular call centre. The pace ensures that customers as well as call centre agents or representatives enjoy the best possible telephonic experience. There are a number of fundamental reasons to why a Hosted Predictive Dialer is well suited to different types of contact centres.

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Converts Calls into Connections

Hosted predictive dialers were introduced with the purpose of maximising human resources thereby increasing efficiency. Before it was introduced, most centres used auto dialers that had telephony cards to enable them to dial numbers without human intervention. However, the auto dialer was not designed to disconnect unanswered calls or those answered by voice machines, leading to inefficiencies. The predictive dialer is much more advanced than the older systems as it disconnects any calls that are not answered by a real person.

Automates Dialing

In a working environment where so many calls are made every other minute, having someone manually dial the numbers wastes a lot of valuable company time. Most importantly, the chances of errors occurring when keying in the numbers are also higher when someone does the job for a long period of time. With the predictive dialer all you have to do is wait for a live call to be directed to you. Since the system uses Cloud Technology, calls can be made from anywhere in the world.

Create Targeted Campaigns

Predictive Dialers can be used to target a particular group of people thus improves the campaigns bottom line.

When carrying out a campaign it is very important to reach the right people and using our Hosted Dialer is a good move. It will automatically dial the predetermined numbers and skip those that are not answered by a real person. Another great advantage is that it can be programmed to leave a message on the answering machine that gives information about the campaign. The calls can even be recorded for further evaluation or assessment, allowing you to compile an accurate report on important aspects of the campaign.


  • Feel Valued

    Provides your customers with the best customer experience making each customer feel valued.

  • Performance

    Increase company performance and efficiency with a Hosted Predictive Dialer.

  • Enhance

    Enhance customer service with an Outbound Predictive Dialer.

  • Productivity

    Increase agent productivity by 300%

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